As with many community based, non-profit organizations, The Southington Knights Travel Football / Cheerleading squads have been, and will continue to be successful because of a seemingly endless amount of energy from a few members. However, this endless source of energy is a poor assumption made by all of us. Many very talented individuals have stepped forward with good ideas and lots of enthusiasm, only to be overwhelmed by what is an endless list of tasks to be completed. To further the success of your league, and to keep this organization moving forward, you should become actively involved in YOUR league.

As a volunteer, you are not expected to become committed to football or cheerleading for the entire season. Most of the work to be done is completed well before the season begins. If you can organize, you are needed. If you want to become involved in a community youth program, the Knights need you. No matter how seemingly small your contribution may be, your involvement makes the league stronger .

The league is asking you, as a member, to become involved. Through your involvement over 300 youths in Southington will experience a positive childhood experience. As a community, we must continue to implement and strengthen avenues for youth involvement. Tell us what areas interest you, and the association will do everything possible to find a fit for your talents. Only through your involvement can this association claim to be a community-based organization. Let us know how you’d like to help.